OHM: The Healing Power of Mantras

According to the Hindu Dharma reciting mantras, when it is properly provided, will have a multiple effect. Mantra recitation has a healing effect on body and mind. It promotes world peace and thanks to meditation, the nature heals itself of damage.

Effect of mantra recitation
Rishi’s have their lives dedicated to the acquisition of knowledge and insights on the operation of mantras. In the last couple of decades, there are also various scientific studies on the impact of mantra recitation. An article about how to do this, is published by Dr. Luciano Bernardi in the British Medical Journal. He tells in this program the effects of mantras and prayers on the human body.

Mantras, dye carriers to accelerate the healing process
In Germany, general practitioner Mohini Heitel has her own practice. She decided by her own personal experience with the Sanskrit mantras, to use the spells as a tool for her patients. She is convinced that the recitation of mantras is speeding up the healing process.
Mohini’s devotion to mantras has been started at an early age. At the age of six she got from her father: a mantra AUM NAMO BHAGVATE VASUDEVAYA. Her father used mantras to help the villagers in her native country: India. Mohini inspires many people with her CDs and concerts to delve deeper into the miraculous Symphony of the divine hymns.

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  1. sanischare Says:

    I am practising the …
    I am practising the mantras esp. OHM. Nice to see videos like this. It inspires people like me who are beginners.

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