Maranatha Meditation

Maranatha is Aramaic for “Come Lord,” and is a prayer or mantra of Christian tradition. Breathe with inhalation and exhalation of Ma-Ra-Na-Tha. According to Christian sources, there are tens of thousands of Christian denominations. Followers of some of these may find this practice inappropriate and others may find it very useful. To hold the feeling of “Come Lord” in the heart can be very useful for some, while not for others. The choice rests with each person in accordance with his or her own beliefs and particular denomination or tradition. In that light, this video may be useful for some, and not for others. Again, the choice rests with each person.

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  1. Morf79 Says:

    Thank you
    Thank you

  2. thisisapreviewvideo Says:

    if you miss Jesus, …
    if you miss Jesus, listen to worship song, have your silent time, then you pray as in like you talk to your Father, tell it by your heart all your burdens and worry, and everything will be okay..:) Amen for that..

  3. weliz226 Says:

    Beautiful …
    Beautiful meditation, thank you! I am Christian and have meditated all of my life. Meditation is a form of prayer. If you want to reach God go within and touch the heart of Christ.

  4. sabrebIade Says:

    Matthew 7:16-20
    16 …

    Matthew 7:16-20
    16 You will know them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles?
    17 So, every sound tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears evil fruit.
    18 A sound tree cannot bear evil fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.
    19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.
    20 Thus you will know them by their fruits.

    Now what fruits are born by doing this mantra?

    Good or bad?

  5. yogabindu Says:

    Thank you to …
    Thank you to Saintpio91006 for pointing out that “The point of prayer is to unite with God” and that Maranatha “is Christian.” Thank you to PeterMansour for pointing out that “there are some catholic schools introducing this”.

  6. PeterMansour Says:

    Well put! Sad to …
    Well put! Sad to say that there are some catholic schools introducing this!

    There is no listening to God in this. Better to listen to the words of our Dear Lord and God Jesus in the Gospels and apply the teaching to our lives and relationship with others we encounter.

    Praying the Rosary is Praying the Gospel and is an Excellent Meditation on the life of our Lord and the Blessed Virgin especially if we want to receive the spiritual fruits of each mystery.

  7. SAINTpio91006 Says:

    If you empty the …
    If you empty the mind and pray its not Christian prayer. The point of prayer is to unite with God , not to ignore thought and just to feel. Pray the Rosary and meditate on that instead.The way to repeat this word in this video is contrary to Christian prayer even though the word itself is Christian, to make it a yoga type “prayer” thats simply SELF awareness rather than God awareness is what makes it WRONG.

  8. carocatho Says:

    just like “real …
    just like “real Christians”, as you say, should not associate with.. lets say… celebration of the Sun, which is a pagan tradition. Oops! could it be now called Christmas?? :D A lot of Christian traditions and rituals come from paganism and “real Christians” practice them daily, me included, as I’m a Christian with a deep faith.

  9. Rabell16 Says:

    Dear Yogavindu: I …
    Dear Yogavindu: I totally agree with you. I wanted to clarify that what I mean to say as “proper orientation” is to read at least a little about Mantra Meditation and Yoga. I have examined the website mentioned in the “info”section and find it to be “proper orientation”, particularly Maranatha: A Christian Meditation Mantra and Yoga* and Christianity: Loving With All Your Parts. God Bless You All.

  10. yogabindu Says:

    Maranatha is …
    Maranatha is literally the last instruction of Revelation, which is the last book of the New Testament; this can easily be verified. It has been this way, as last instruction, for a very long time, independent of people mentioned in the posting above. Whether or not one has had “proper orientation” it is very beautiful and inspiring that the final instruction of the Bible is for the mind and heart to simply say with sincerity and feeling: “Come Lord,” which is the meaning of Maranatha.

  11. Rabell16 Says:

    Maranatha is just a …
    Maranatha is just a suggested phrase proposed for “mantra” meditation and firt made known to mass audiences in the Western World by Catholic Cristian Benedictine Monk John Main (1926-1982), together with Bede Griffiths and Thomas Merton. It’s based on the practice of the so called Dessert Fathers of Christian Monasticism. It’s presently widely sponsored by Laurence Feeman, OSB and The World Community for Christian Meditation. I believe it should be practised after proper orientation.

  12. johnbevington Says:

    I took my time to …
    I took my time to post my non profane comment I hope you will post it. If I knew you wanted to pre-approve, it I would not have taken up my time. My comment was/is meant to be thought provoking, not insulting. Be an adult & approve it, & if you will let yourself think about the right or/and wrongness of what I’m saying. In my videos I don’t per-approve the comments & will only remove one If it is down right profane, or filthily. Thanks.

  13. johnbevington Says:

    This is just a way …
    This is just a way to induce a trance. HIPNOSIS. Lets all say it together “emp-ty your mind”…a-void your pro-blemmmms. Or how about saying in a monotone voice “our farther who art in heaven…..” O maybe we could just sing & dance around & call it the Spirit of God. Or maybe we could do the same thing but in another form & just say Jesus just healed by the power of Beelzebub.
    Rather than use the way of the world lets do as Jesus said “you shall know the truth & that truth shall set you free”

  14. dejstil1974 Says:

    what a mistake. …
    what a mistake. what a mistake!!! what a lack of knowledge and a high dosis of old oscurantism! what do you think Amen is? is Om… Im christian, catholic even better, and My priest friends totally agree on the similarities of this. of course this video wont be removed because of your ignorance. learn with an open mind and investigate first! ow boy.

  15. teddythefrency Says:

    In syriac MoRan …
    In syriac MoRan aTHa and ancient aramaic MaRaN aTHa.

    Ta MaRaN YeSHOU3 Come (o) Lord Yeshou3 (Jesus)

  16. Marleen74 Says:

    This is a shame!! …
    This is a shame!! Real Christians have totally nothing in comon with Hindoeïsm/Joga! I would like video to be removed. Permanently!

  17. tunagiggle Says:

    did you know that …
    did you know that yoga simply means yoke or union?? Jesus said, “Come to me my yoke is easy, my burden is light”. . .nothing is wrong with this. . its not to gain salvation. is to realize the presence of God.

  18. panzmudek Says:

    actually not exist …
    actually not exist christian yoga-these things is too different like heaven and hell

  19. nekcrank Says:

    It’s actuall Maran …
    It’s actuall Maran (one word) and ta (second word) Our Lord Come

  20. habib2300 Says:

    What an excellent …
    What an excellent Video! Thank you for the help with pronunciation and inhale/exhle examples.

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